The Shamasoma Method…..

shamasoma.logo.sm.brightAn Integrated  Approach
to Holistic Healing

ShamaSoma invites you to embark on a journey of self discovery and right livelihood. Step into this harmonious and easy way of being and serving others around you. We are comprised of body, mind, spirit and emotion.  In approaching health from these different angles, ShamaSoma looks at what’s going on in all the aspects of ourselves in an integrative way, thus creating change more effectively from this compassionate holistic perspective. Approaching transformation from this integrative view offers a short cut to experiencing more peace, more clarity and more functionality in an accelerated leap towards greater enjoyment of life.

Help Others Feel Great and Live Their Dreams

ShamaSoma is a dynamic and co-creative transformational process that effectively brings balance and clarity through shamanic and somatic practices, hypnosis, compassionate awareness, vibrational medicine, coaching, empathic healing and simple “awareness prescriptions” that make for easy daily lifestyle adjustments.  ShamaSoma provides the keys to unfolding the psyche achieving greater harmony of the Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions.

This is the perfect time to learn about the ShamaSoma Method

Whether you are a practitioner who would like to expand your repertoire, deepening your effectiveness, or you are  looking for an exciting path to self transformation and discovery, the ShamaSoma training can be just the answer you are looking for.  This unique training is not only an opportunity for further success in assisting family, friends and clients towards a better quality of life, the ShamaSoma Method will open new ways of being for yourself as well.

Who Studies the ShamaSoma Method?

*  Healers and Bodyworkers who feel worn out or a lack of energy after working with their clients. *  Holistic Practitioners who’d like to offer a more dynamic experience… both for their client’s sake as well as their own experience of engagement in the transformational process. *  Practitioners who witness their clients having challenges on levels of being other than what their current modality addresses and wish they had the skills to assist them. *  Coaches and therapists who want to go deeper with their clients in less time. *  Empathic people who take on the energy of the people around them and then  feel affected by that energy. *  Anyone looking for a more well-rounded approach to healing that addresses all levels of being.

The possibilities for how ShamaSoma can help you and those whom you touch are endless…..

Feel confident and empowered so you can offer high level healing work without feeling drained.

As a ShamaSoma Practitioner, you will:

*  Help your clients to move beyond the stories and get right to the heart of the matter in their healing, quickly. *  Be able to help other people, without taking on their “stuff.” *  Do what you LOVE to do and know you are making a difference. *  Joyfully and easefully help people to help themselves. *  Enjoy offering a dynamic and innovative method for self transformation that is both exciting and effective. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW YOU CAN BE A SHAMASOMA METHOD PRACTITIONER