Testimonials for Sylvia Brallier and the ShamaSoma Training Programlotus yoga sunrise

“Sylvia is an excellent teacher with a warm and playful personality. She has a deep experience of Shamanism and has found ways to guide the average person into having a direct experience with the spirit world as well as their own true natures. Her techniques are accessible and easy to implement but powerful and life-changing at the same time. I heartily recommend her workshops and trainings to anyone who is interested in spiritual growth.” ~ Joan Paulette Dudley

“I am a Spiritualist Minister who has been immersed in many modes of Spiritual studies and energy work over the past 20 years. The Shama Soma Training program was the icing on the cake for me as I experienced new paths toward enlightenment. Sylvia Brallier’s knowledge and creativity is unbelievably expansive as she shares with a love of life that is contagious, uplifting, fulfilling and inspiring . Sylvia’s immense presence shines through everything she says and everything she does. With a heartwarming smile and an essence as big as the Universe Sylvia is THE MOST ENGAGING teacher/mentor I have ever come across! I am grateful for the opportunity I had as a student and participant in the Shama Soma Course Studies. I have incorporated many of the practices learned into my daily routine of meditation and have used much of the information in my Spiritual work with others. As a result I feel even better about myself and my ability to lift others to new heights! I am blessed! Life is good! ~In the spirit of love and light, Reverend Kary Hays

“Sylvia Brallier changes lives on impact with her contagious passion for life lived fully and wisdom that plunges you deep into the core of your soul. Her laughter alone at the door of our worst fears emboldens us to risk. Think of her as a transformative ingredient to get you where you are going. Not only do I consider her one of the most powerful personal growth teachers in the world but I am also who I am as a leader myself with her intuitive and powerful guidance. If you don’t want to be all of who you were born to be then don’t get near her.”
~ ALisa Starkweather Founder and Facilitator of Women’s Empowerment Programs

“Sylvia is a brilliant scholar with exceptional interpersonal skills. Possessing a strong ability to accurately identify problems, speedily develop solutions, and expertly implement these solutions, Sylvia’s capabilities as a spiritual teacher, healer, and personal growth educator are unsurpassed. Time and again I have seen her give 110% effort in her educational growth classes, seminars, and training sessions, resulting in opportunities for personal growth that is rarely found in comparable training. Known among her peers as a teacher of teachers, Sylvia repeatedly brings light to complex, arcane topics and better illuminates the more common subjects such that her students gain a deeper understanding far more readily than one might typically expect. On a scale of 1 to 10, Sylvia is clearly a 15!” ~ Lawrence Shirley

“My weekend with Sylvia brought a light into my life that had not been shining for a long, long time. Now that I’ve caught a glimpse of it, I never want to let it go again. Sylvia shines with joy, and just vibrates abundance. It wasn’t just the meditations and practices themselves that were healing — Sylvia has a way of reaching into people’s souls with every breath and gesture. Merely to be in her presence is a genuinely healing experience. I wish I could attend one of Sylvia’s workshops every weekend. Perhaps some day she will come out with a DVD so that we can see her bright and shining face and graceful movements as we follow her cues. She is truly inspirational.” ~ S.W., Worcester, MA

“I have a LOT of chronic health problems and chemical and food allergies and a host of social anxieties. The problem with being a highly sensitive person is that nobody really understands it unless they’ve got it too. The standard “tricks” that average people use when the world seems to encroach on them just didn’t work for me. For the first time someone FINALLY showed me something that worked for me!!! WOW!!!” ~ H.B.

“I am feeling GREAT! I’m experiencing huge shifts in my thinking, emotions, physical body and beyond! It’s a really dramatic paradigm shift! Can not thank you enough! I am focusing on speaking my truth, and others sense how determined I am so they are backing off. It feels so good to accept myself and express myself without worrying so much about how others will respond. I feel big changes ahead!” ~ W.W.

“Sylvia attracts very dedicated people to her workshops who put everything they’ve got into the experience. Sharing that group space is very powerful – one of the rare experiences that you meet where you can get a lot of inner work accomplished in a short time. Sylvia is so exquisitely sensitive to the group’s energy that she can masterfully create and then weave the experiences together. This was my first workshop with Sylvia and I am enthusiastically awaiting my next.” ~ CTM