ShamaSoma Fundamentals- Free Teleclasses

Learn Innovative Methods for Personal Transformation

A ShamaSoma  Fundamentals Webinar
with Master Healer, Sylvia Brallier

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Even if you can’t make this time and date, You will receive a copy of the recording afterwards to enjoy.

People who sign up for this class will have a 24-hour long special opportunity to sign up for the ShamaSoma Training program this summer 2015 in Massachusetts, or for the January 2016 training in California for $500 off! Exciting! Sign up now!

Healing through Feeling…

Get Powerful Results Using Sense Based Body-Mind Healing

Free Teleclass: Learn Innovative Methods for Personal Transformation

April 28th, 4pm PST,
7 pm EST

Online on a computer near to you!

We are profoundly affected by events, from tragic to exalted that have shaped us. The hard stuff can linger for years, reverberating though our days sometimes wreaking havoc where their could be peace.

We can’t change what happened to us, but we can change our relationship to those events and what we think and feel about them. In order for those changes to occur, the change has to be more than skin deep. We not only need to think differently, but we must feel differently as well. Einstein once said, “Knowledge is experience, everything else is just information.” By creating a living experience, we connect with the deep psyche, and in so doing, we can rewrite the code of our own life.

The great news is, a lot of the most effective techniques to bring about these changes look and feel suspiciously like playing, and not necessarily like work at all.

Over the years I have developed a number of body centered transformational methods that help to bring these core shifts to fruition via living experiences using hypnotherapy combined with shamanic healing practices. The results have been nothing short of astounding.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • Why sense based healing is SO much more effective than just trying to talk about our problems.
  • Techniques you can use right away to help yourself and others experience my peace and ease on the regular basis.
  • How you can help people get to breakthroughs quickly and easily so they will rave about your work to their friends.
  • How you can make inner work feel effortless, and dare I say it… even FUN for your clients!
  • This class would be great for  lay people, experienced therapists, or those who are interested in helping people with somatic hypnotherapy and shamanic helping methods.

Even if you can’t make this time and date, You will receive a copy of the recording afterwards to enjoy.