SB.12.26.Bsmbl - CopyPrivate Sessions with the originator of ShamaSoma, Sylvia Brallier

Sylvia is a gifted healer who has helped thousands of people from around the world experience greater peace and well being.

“Sylvia has a way of reaching people’s souls with every breath and gesture. Merely to be in her presence is a genuinely healing experience.” ~ S.W. – Worcester, MA

Are you seeking Physical Healing?

By understanding the core reasons why an illness exists, a person can then change their relationship to life, and healing miracles CAN happen.

Are you seeking Emotional Healing?

No one likes to feel stuck in emotions that are uncomfortable. Instead of feeling weighed down by sadness, frozen in fear, burdened by anger, buried in depression, or super stressed out. You can make a difference choice! Sylvia has helped so many people experience greater peace and joy by helping them to release the emotions that are held in the body energetic.

Are you seeking Mental Healing?

Does your mind run over and over your worries, upsets? Are you constantly strategizing, judging or trying to figure out life? It’s enough to make you crazy! Sylvia can provide you methods for you to shift your consciousness towards more fruitful ways of perceiving and working with reality.

Are you seeking Spiritual Healing?

We are affected not only by what we see, but also the unseen worlds. The unseen world can both help us and hinder us, but without knowledge of what surrounds us, how can we shift it? Sylvia has had spiritual sight since she was a small child. She has devoted to whole life to understanding the relationship between the physical world and the spiritual. She can help you to understand your relationship to larger forces, and provide advice about how to work with it.

Sylvia has the amazing ability to hear beyond the words you might share with her to understand the larger picture of patterns or attachments that might be running things in your life. She can speak of your deepest hurt with a sensitivity and love and help transport you out of being emotionally stuck in that place, and yet have you laughing at the absurdity all at the same time. The proven methods she employs are powerful as well as uniquely gentle and compassionate. She shifts and aligns the energies of consciousness so that  YOUR TRUE SELF can step forward, helping you to re-author your life.

How does a session work?

hands.heartSylvia has an incredibly varied palette of techniques that she uses in her work with people. Your session will definitely include: an intuitive reading of your energy body to reveal the patterns that are shaping your life. Advanced  energy healing techniques, chakra healing, somatic hypnotherapy and guided meditation are a few of the methods used in this work. At the end of your session Sylvia will give you a “prescription” for awareness based techniques for personal change so you can continue the work on your own. The techniques she chooses to use with you will be tailored to best serve your transformational process and natural inclinations.

Each private session includes:

• An in depth intuitive reading of your energy body
• A heart-centered healing session
• Empowering customized methods and techniques that will empower you to continue the transformational process on your own.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity
to work with a master of the healing arts!

Please contact Sylvia directly in order to inquire about a private session.