WellnessShamaSoma,  A New Vision For Whole Being Healing

Never has the Earth needed us to step forward and make a difference more than in these times of epic change. Support people to be balanced, integrated and  centered in compassion, fostering  healthy relationships ~ relationships with each other,  the Earth, and with themselves. ~ This is a powerful way to make a significant offering towards personal and planetary healing. The ShamaSoma training program teaches a wide range of techniques that you will be able to draw from to best serve the person you are assisting.  This wide palette will give you the skills needed to meet people where they are and help your clients  feel  empowered to make changes that will greatly improve their quality of life. There are huge benefits from studying the ShamaSoma Method,  including enhanced vitality of the mind, body, emotion and spirit as well as developing  deeper insight into the plights and blessings of others. It can also be a brilliant path of service. The holistic approach of the ShamaSoma Method can be applied to many areas of life, including personal and professional.

How is ShamaSoma different from other modalities?

Most therapeutic systems embrace one aspect of the whole person; either mind. body, spirit or emotions. The ShamaSoma Method embraces all parts of the being.  By utilizing a variety of modalities and approaching the whole self from different perspectives the whole person in benefited. By working with different aspects of the self simultaneously, one aspect can inform the other. That synergy of perspectives brings about deeper, more rapid and lasting change.  It is a truly holistic approach. When the ShamaSoma Methods are applied effectively, clients immediately know that something has changed and then they feel and see that change have lasting effects. The ShamaSoma Method aims at deeply shifting the roots and origination of dis-ease rather than addressing symptoms, thus affecting long-lasting, profound change on all levels of being in easy, graceful ways. The ShamaSoma Method’s integrative techniques make change feel real and tangible, inspiring people to continue  with their own life changes at home based on the living experience they had in their session.  Clients are empowered to choose new realities for themselves, reducing the reliance on a therapist or practitioner to create a better life.

I’m really interested in being a ShamaSoma Practitioner, how does it work?

Hands energyThe ShamaSoma Method Training Program is a One-Year Program, featuring Live, In-person Training Sessions. In between training modules, you will have practicum work assigned.  This may include self-development work, as well as practice sessions with a certain number of clients and reporting back about your experience. There will also be tele-classes between sessions and regular check-in sessions with another student in the ShamaSoma Program. Your check-in buddy will be self chosen, and will change every quarter. The practicum work helps you to stay engaged with the work as well as integrate both the internal practices and the therapeutic practices.


I’m So Excited to Get Started!  When is the next Training?

ShamaSoma East- the next  ShamaSoma Training is on the EAST COAST in Massachusetts. This training will be held in six three days trainings between May and November of 2015.
May 29th – 31st 
June 26th-28th 
July 24th-26th 
September  18th-20th
October  16th-18th
November 6th-8th

The 2015-2016 WEST COAST ShamaSoma Training Schedule:

Four 4 and a half day trainings over the course of the year starting in January of 2015. Each training module will meet on Wednesday evening from 7 pm-10pm and Thursday-Sunday from 10am-5pm once a quarter.

January Date TBA: S F Bay Area
March Date TBA:  S F Bay Area
May Date TBA: S F Bay Area
July Date TBA: S F Bay Area 

Lunch will be provided at the trainings.

Pay the $200 Deposit now to save your space here:Reserve Your Space

OK, So How Much Does it Cost?

The full One-Year Training Program costs: $4,500 if paid in full by March 22nd,2015.
Payment Plans: 6 Payments of $800 due the first day of each training session.

Longer term payment plans can be made to cover your tuition at a slightly higher fee. There are also some opportunity to cover a portion of your tuition through work-study for some individuals. Please inquire to see if this might be an option for you.

If you sign up for the training, you are responsible for the entire training, even if you miss segments. Missed segments can be made up within the next 3 years with other graduating classes. By the end of it, you’ll have a really strong foundation to work from. If wish to receive hypnosis certification in addition to your ShamaSoma certificate, you can do the additional extra-curricular course work, take and pass the test that it requires to receive that certification. Otherwise, you can just use the training as an adjunct to any other certification that you already have.

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